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Image I used my own character as a base for the collage.  He is mine do not steal.  This is the outline I did for him before.





Image here he is with the collage.


ARTD150 exercise 1-4 last one.

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I Image I did the corner of the gate in front of my house, I messed around with the hue and saturation, as well as the curves and color.

ImageI used some my one photoshop images I’ve done either in previous photoshop classes, such as the Okami one, the white wolf Japanese style art.  Bowser and the fox I’ve done on my own.  I used my front yard as a base for this idea.

ARTD 150 Exercise 1-4 Scanning

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I did a scan of one of my drawings, a little fox or at least half of it.  I’m going to upload both the sketch and the photoshoped one, please don’t steal my creation, he belongs to me. Image


ImageContrast, is seen with the sunlight hitting the eastern side of the gate, while the western side of the gate is more darker and gives off more shadows. Rhythm, is the diamond shaped objects on the gate that comes in a pair, every other time, from the mini window with the bars. In other words it goes, diamonds, window, diamonds window. Emphasis, is shown, as a divider between the light and shadow, as if it is an invisible line. On the top where the diamonds lay, there is a flat surface where  the emphasis is shown.

Imagevalue, is highly  seen when the darkness hits the white snow. I also Believe Unity is key in this photo because, the light from the sun, not only gives the photo a sense of balance, meaning from dark to light, but it does it so well.

This photo shows line, not only from the rail and gates, but it also goes in a pattern and the texture  that comes from the rocks makes the tracks stand out.Color is the yellow gates, trees, and blue banners.  Shape is the yellow rectangular platforms.