ARTD 150 slide show story or summary

Posted: September 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hi all, the story or summary of my story is that a little green fox, named Apple was enjoying a day outside he meets an orange fox like creature. Soon Apple is in danger of an enemy the fox creature defends him but ends up losing and apple is killed.  The fox is sad about the loss of the little green fox and goes off to morn.  During that time, there is a boy in the fields enjoying a flower he picked, when he notices the fox.   He goes after the fox and is shocked to see the fox change into a girl.  The girl tells him what happened and why she’s sad,  he feels her pain and offers her the flower he picked.  She’s happy about it so they hang together hit things off and is over all happy, though she still misses the green fox.


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