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ArtD 150 blog 4-2

Posted: November 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

So for my book, I’m gonna do a combination of an activity book mixed with a story. Since it’s a kid’s book I figure why not make learning fun  by letting them color in the pages, and also work in a bit of math problems such as adding and subtracting. I might throw in a few curve balls as well. I’ll add the images later once I get them cleaned up.


ArtD 150 project 3 final

Posted: November 26, 2012 in Uncategorized


On Campus: The on campus art show was interesting. It was the first time I’ve been to a on campus art show.  The art was different and new.

Off campus: I went to an art gallery at the west field mall, here in Escondido. It wasn’t to big or fancy or anything like it. But it did have some interesting art  canvas drawings.  Some where in color, others were in black and white, and some of them also were black and white with color splash added to it. Once I find the link and name to it again, I’ll post it up on here.


I’m not sure what else to put down on here.


so, here is the final idea I have, I might make more later. but for now this one is the last one. I have 3 up and now I would like to see which one you guys like the most.  🙂

Image  I feel that I’m missing stuff on this one, but here is a possible idea for project 3, I have this one and other one up I’m looking for votes to see which one people like more.


who doesn’t remember these books? I sure do. Color by numbers was one of the more popular activity page found in some books, aside from connect the dots.  I think I’m gonna do my book on this. 


So this is more less one idea for my final, I have another one in the works.  I’ll post it when it’s either 50% completed or  100% completed. From there I’ll take a vote on which one looks better.  For now, any input is highly appreciated.   🙂