dragon try 1

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So I’ve given the dragon a try, though it’s not colored.  What I did was make it a bit brighter, and  added a filter.  I’ll upload both pictures and see  what you guys think. Image this is the original.


Image And here is the one I did.


try 2 or rough draft 2

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Image So here is attempt 2, I gave it some filters, the texture, and a stroke for the border around it. So what do you guys think?

Image Since I’m sticking with the Edo period in Japan. I’ve been looking up different art pieces done by different artist.  Such as Soga,  and his piece the dragon and clouds. I know for a fact I wouldn’t be able to get this project done by Sunday and have it be ordered so I’m gonna get it printed at Kinko’s or something before the 3rd of Dec.  Anyways.  I used the background as a base for this, added in a tiger who caught and killed a Crane bird, as the others flew away. One returned, probably feeling bad for his friend.  Anyways, I added  the cranes, and tigers by using two different art pieces, but I added the grass and blood.  Soooo…  I’m open to suggestions,  I’m still trying out different ideas for the dragon though.  This is more less, just to see if I’m understanding things correctly.

project sketches

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So I made a few sketches, though I’m only uploading 2 of them, seeing as how one of them looks very cartoony in my  opinion.  So here they are,  and I’ll bring them in as well.

exercise 3-3 /3-4 the caterpiller

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So here is the exercise 3-3/3-4 (?) though I think I’m missing something… not to sure… if I am, can someone let me know please?



Project 3 Art piece and bio thing.

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So here is the art piece I’m gonna be using for my project, this was done by a man named Soga Shohaku. A Japanese man from the Edo era in Japan, this art work of his is called  Dragon and Clouds.Soga Shohaku used a different type of art brush to make his work different than the others. Soga was born in 1730 and passed away in 1781.

sites for the info: 





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If I were to remake a few of the music posters with some ideas I have. Would you guys like to see them?